Product Description:

Karam Anchorage Line is a Fall Protection Equipment that can be used along with the Karam Fall Arrester as climbing equipment. The Karam Anchorage Line is thus a Hook and Connector equipment that can be employed by workers as well as mountaineers, trekkers, army personnel and rescue officers to climb up or drop-down structures and scale them easily as a part of various missions. The Karam Anchorage Line is white in colour. The Fall Protection Equipment is 100 m long. The Karam Anchorage Line is made of twisted three-strand polyamide and has a diameter of fourteen millimeters. One end of the Karam Anchorage Line is a loop and the other end of the three-strand 100 m twisted rope is a stop knot. The Karam Anchorage Line is thus easily usable with the Karam Fall Arrester.

Product Attributes:

14 mm diameter rope
Anti-corrosive body
100 m long
Polyamide body
White colour


Adaptable and convenient to use
Sturdy and durable
Effective and reliable


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