Product Description:


Cable Length: 32.8 feet(10 meters), 49.2 feet(15 meters), 65.6 feet(20 meters)

Retractable fall arrester with automatic recall for vertical use, fitted with metal cable of 4,5 mm diameter, allowing the operator a high freedom of movement when working on scaffolds, metal structures and tubular structures.
Featuring ultra-durable ABS shell with swivel eyebolt, double gate connector CE EN 362 and anti-twisting swivel with stress indicator.
Complies with CE EN 360 and ATEX II 2 G c T6 for the regulation of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Recommended for:
Scaffolding and trestels, Metal structures, Roof and inclined planes, Rope Access, Confined spaces, Portable stairs and elevating platforms

Made in Italy.


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