Product Description :

Color: Sorrel Brown


Vintage Inspired Craftsman Apron by Artisan Supply Company

  • Genuine Leather Straps
  • Water and Abrasion Resistant Waxed Canvas
  • Antique Brass Hardware
  • Beautiful Patina After Prolonged Use


Dimensions: 34″Long x 27″ wide

Our aprons come in one size, but was developed so that they can fit individuals between 5’2″ and 6’4″ with a waist size between 28″ to 42″.


Our aprons are made of a waxed canvas material that has been historically used as a waterproof fabric before the advent of synthetic fibers. Used by mariners, the military and early outdoorsman for generations, waxed canvas is a more durable and much better looking material than the modern alternative. Like leather, waxed canvas will develop a beautiful patina over time and will feel and look much better than the day it was made.



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