IMP 004 Easy Seat

Ref : IMP 004 DETAILS: This accessory by KARAM can be attached to KARAM Harnesses – Magna 3, PN56 & PN57 having a central D-ring at the waist level (ventral) to which the Karabiner is attached. When done , the Easy Seat provides a comfortable seating for extended time during...


    Ref : PN 431 DETAILS: Material : Aluminium Alloy Inner dia Big: 52 mm,Small: 26 mm Height: 145 mm Weight: 140 gm Minimum Breaking Strength: 50 kN Can hold a weight upto 136 kgs Finish: Natural Silver, Coloured, Anodized

PN-401 Grip Descender

  Ref : PN 401 DETAILS: Material : Aluminium Alloy Ideal for descent on a single rope. It is equipped with a unique Self Braking System which initiates the brake as soon as the handle is released, or clasped too tightly Works on 10.5 mm & 11.0 mm diameter Kernmantle rope...


Guided Type Fall Arrester on Flexible Anchorage LineRef : PN 2008; PN 2008(AP) DETAILS: Works on 12mm dia kernmantle rope anchorage line, without any manual intervention. Consists of openable rope grab made of galvanized steel. Has a manual lock position to allow work on inclined...

PN 2000A Rope Grab

Ref : PN 145 System Components: Detachable Rope Grab Fall Arrester with Karabiner. Steel Karabiner PN 112 as an attachment element. Specifications: Alloy Steel Openable Rope Grab for Fibre Rope: Ref. RG 01 Steel Screw Locking Karabiner: Ref. PN 112 Anchorage Line: Polyamide...

PN 145 Hook

JED-I HOOKRef : PN 145 DETAILS Construction – It is a “Forged” Hook and not a “Stamped” Hook. Forging allows much higher strength due to proper orientation of grains of the metal used in forging. Tested to ensure that the Gate is also able to withstand a load of minimum 16 kN,...

PN 112 Steel Screw Locking Karabiner

  Steel Screw – Locking KarabinerRef : PN 112 DETAILS: Material: Alloy Steel Gate Opening: 18 mm Minimum Breaking Strength: 25 kN Finish Available: Silver/ Golden Yellow Galvanized Net Weight: 160.5 gms Conformity: EN 362:2004 Class B & Class M

PN 121 Steel Snap Hook

    Steel Snap HookPN 121 DETAILS: Material: Alloy Steel Gate Opening: 16mm Minimum Breaking Strength: 23 kN Finish Available: Silver/Golden Yellow Galvanized Net Weight: 205.3gm Conformity: EN 362:2004 Class T