Product Description :

Water mist fire extinguishers, also known as ‘dry’ water mist fire extinguishers due to the microscopic water droplets they discharge, present ground-breaking technology. The design of the water mist extinguishers’ supersonic nozzle creates a microscopic mist curtain which reduces the oxygen content (required for combustion) around the fire, extinguishes the flames and creates a highly effective cooling blanket on the hot fuel, preventing re-ignition.

Water Mist fire extinguishers are the first water extinguishers to have an ‘F’ rating (deep fat fryer fires etc). These units are therefore ideal for small kitchens, small boats, garages and areas where a messy discharge would be a problem. The extinguishers have also passed the 35kV di-electrical test and contain de-ionised water (which does not conduct electricity), making them safe to use on live electrical equipment from a minimum distance of 1m.

Perfect for boats, caravans and kitchens

Non-harmful and non-poisonous to humans and furniture etc.

Extinguisher Rating 5A, 8B, 5F

Can be used on class A, B, C, F type fires and live electrical equipment

On-site certification?available

No residue after discharge

100% environmentally friendly

Safe on live electrical equipment of up to 1000V: 35kV Di-electrical tested and using non-conductive de-ionised water

CE marked and LPCB Certified

Supplied complete with wall mounting bracket

5 Year Warranty